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Some Good Places

Photo Credit: @marcoinsd

We all try to enjoy ourselves in our travels, but every so often we come upon a special place we end up frequenting often.  I've included a short list of some of my favorite places and I tried to include some "inside" information; Pro-tips you can't find in your regular site.  This list will eventually grow and I'll try to feature a different place as I have time to do so.  Enjoy!

Places to go...

Featured Location

Photo Credit: @marcoinsd

At just fifteen or so minutes from downtown San Diego, Baja California is the Northern most State in the Country of Mexico.  One can cross the border as fast as walking past a gate.  Once there, you know you're in another country. I've been crossing for more than twenty years and this is what I have to say. Like life, it's filled with what you bring with you. If you bring bad vibes or an attitude you'll be set straight fast enough.  If you're respectful, wise and bring you're common sense, you'll have the greatest of times. 

Featured Location...


Photo Credit: @marcoinsd

Pictures and videos in and around San Diego.

Some of these items will become stories, some are just shots I take in and around town.  They all mean something and I hope you enjoy them.

"Just Stuff... And thangs"